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Truck Accident Attorney Santa Monica

Have you been involved in a truck accident on one of our busy highways and are sure that somebody else was at fault, then bring your case to the Law Offices of Howard Kornberg in Santa Monica, California who will be able to ensure that highly effective legal action is taken on you behalf against the truck driver, the truck driver’s company or anybody else deemed negligent.

Does California have more truck accidents than any other state?

California has more than its fair share of truck accidents on the nation’s roads. We are actually second only to Texas in numbers of such accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that monitors the causes of all significant vehicle crashes.

One reason for the large number of 18 wheeler accidents in this state is simply because of the huge number of large trucks that are out every day somewhere on the highways. In fact, when the number of truck accidents per vehicle is taken into consideration, then California’s truck accident incidence is just under the average for the rest of the United States.

Whether or not California is a hot spot for truck accidents, there are still too many of them and they are a major cause of fatalities out on the roads.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, then you should make sure you call in at our office to arrange an interview to discuss your accident. The chances of the truck accident being anything to do with your own negligence is less likely than the chance it was due to the behavior of the truck’s own driver.

Most truck accidents can be blamed on driver error

Truck accidents are caused, in 90% of cases, by an error on the part of the truck driver. Truck drivers get lonely, they get tired, take drink and drugs to keep on their toes or simply to console themselves far away from their home.
In a smaller number of truck accidents, the truck company is responsible for the accident as the truck has a defective component which failed or has parts which are not working properly because they have not been maintained well enough.
Truck accidents can happen because the truck driver was driving too close to your automobile’s rear (tail gating) as well as dangerous driving close to you on the highway. Typical arrogant behavior involves a lack of consideration when passing or crossing the centre line when coming up fast approaching from the front. Running a red light, failing to take any notice of stop signs at a crossing, side swiping and t-boning are all accidents involving truck drivers. Many truck drivers are under a lot of pressure to deliver their goods as fast as possible and they take too many risks before they actually crash.

Truck accident fatalities most likely to affect the driver of the smaller vehicle

Truck accidents cause horrific injuries. Eighteen wheelers are so large and powerful that a direct collision with one of these monsters means potential disaster. There are about a quarter of a million truck accidents that cause at least an injury every year somewhere in the United States with the majority of people getting killed being those who were unfortunate enough to be in a smaller vehicle.

Truck accidents can cause injuries that mean many weeks, months or years of medical treatment for the accident victim and that soon mounts up in costs. If you have had a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury as a result of an encounter with an 18 wheeler then you may need very long term medical care and support.

If you were injured because of the negligent behavior of the truck driver or his or her company or for any other reason then you should not have to pay any costs at all as long as it can be proved that the accident was caused by a third party and that that accident was directly responsible for your ill health or injuries.

There are many situations in which it takes an experienced truck accident attorney such as one of ours here in Santa Monica, CA at the Law Offices of Howard Kornberg, to track down the real causes of the truck accident. There are sometimes situations in which more than one entity is responsible for the same individual accident and you are then entitled to make a claim against each of the parties that are involved.

If you are worried about legal fees, then put your mind at rest. We offer a contingency fee service here at the Law Offices of Howard Kornberg and we will also provide you with a free consultation.If you or one of your family members has been injured and needs a skilled and experienced truck accident attorney, then call one of us at 800-466-3279 for a free consultation.

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