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Dog Bite Attorney Santa Monica

The Law Offices of Howard Kornberg have helped many victims of dog bite injury here in Santa Monica and elsewhere in Southern California claim substantial compensation from the owners of the dog or dogs that attacked them. Dog bite injuries can be severe and are almost always a result of poor control by the dog’s owner. We believe that anybody that causes other people to suffer from injuries because of negligence should pay for the full costs of those injuries.

Why is Southern California a major dog bite injury zone?

Dogs have instinctive tendencies to protect what they regard as their own territory, together with those people who have become part of their own adopted family. Of course, not all dogs react violently when a human they do not recognize appears to infringe their sense of territory and threaten their owners. The problem is the unpredictability of any encounter with a strange dog.

One thing for certain is that no one can blame the dog itself for a dog bite injury. The dog is the responsibility of its owner or owners who have an obligation in this state to ensure that their dog does not attack anybody else. In this regard, California is ahead of other states in making sure that victims of dog bite injury are entitled to seek legal representation from a personal injury lawyer if they are attacked. In many other states, a dog has to have had prior history of biting a stranger for their owner to be considered liable in the event of a further dog bite injury.

Where do most dog bite injuries take place?

Southern California has one of the highest dog bite injury incidences in the country. The records show that dog attacks are not just confined to home territory around a person’s home, but can take place on the beach, in a park, on a sidewalk or outside somebody’s home. Most of these attacks take place because the dog owner has unleashed the dog and allowed it to roam around out of control.

Many severe dog bite injuries take place when small children are attacked. Some of these happen when the child approaches the dog thinking that it is going to be friendly or teases the dog. Dogs may also attack very small children or babies simply because they view them as potential prey – dogs are natural predators, even if this instinctive behavior is very rarely used on human beings.

What should I do if I have been bitten by a dog?

If you, or a member of your family, have received a dog bite injury as a result of an unprovoked dog attack, then you should contact us at the Law Offices of Howard Kornberg in Santa Monica, CA to discuss the possibility of making a claim for damages against the owner. If you know the identity of the dog and its owner this will certainly help as it may be possible that the dog has already had a history of dog bite injury. Make sure that you get yourself checked out by a doctor and receive medical attention for any cuts or lacerations as they can get infected easily. Keep all records of your medical treatment, too, as this will be used to formulate a damages claim.

When is it not possible to make a claim for a dog bite injury?

Under California Law, you cannot make a claim against a dog owner unless the dog has actually bitten you. If it has been boisterous or has toppled you or a family member over this does not count as a dog bite and so cannot be claimed against.

The other main exceptions to dog bite injury liability are when the victim of the attack has been deliberately teasing, hitting or threatening the dog in some way or has been on the dog owner’s home area without permission. If you have the legal right to be in that area because of your job, such as a policeman or service technician, and you are bitten, then you are still entitled to make a claim.

As can be seen, dog bite injuries are not necessarily that easy to deal with as there are a number of grey areas involved which have to be seriously assessed by a competent dog bite lawyer to see if somebody has been negligent.

Our best advice is to make an appointment with one of our dog bite attorneys here at the Law offices of Howard Kornberg in Santa Monica, CA and discuss your accident with them. We have an excellent representation for the forthright and dedicated representation we provide for all our clients and we will pursue any just claim for dog bite injury with tenacity.

If you, or a member of your family, have suffered injuries in a dog attack, then don’t hesitate but call us at our California office now at 800–466–3279 for a free evaluation of your situation.

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