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When friendly Competition gets Out of Hand

A serious sports injury that results in a broken bone can lead to weeks – if not months – of recovery, lost wages, even surgery. In cases involving compound fractures or a skull fracture, pins may have to be inserted and other medical complications can arise, leading to additional expenses and time off from work. At the Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg, we work with orthopedic specialists and other medical professionals in explaining the scope and nature of our client’s sports injury. In order to accurately quantify the cost of a serious sports injury, we consult medical economists, taking into consideration initial medical expenses, surgery, physical therapy, and lost wages.

There are a number of legal and liability issues that must also be taken into consideration in cases involving sports injuries. In order to understand the legal and insurance issues involved, contact Los Angeles, California sports injury attorney Howard Craig Kornberg today to schedule an appointment and discuss your case.

Broken Bones and Sports Injuries

The personal injury Law Offices of Howard Craig Kornberg recovers damages for people suffering from the following kinds of sports injuries:

Liability and Sports Injuries – Before You Talk to an Insurer

Participating in sports is voluntary and involves assuming a certain amount of risk. As a result, it’s not uncommon to encounter difficulties with insurance companies in cases involving sports injuries. In some cases, sports injuries may not be covered under a policy. In other cases, the language used may not be clear. In cases involving vague language, typically the benefit of the doubt goes to the insured and not the insurer. That’s why it’s important to carefully read your declarations page to determine if you’re covered.

In cases where another player flagrantly violates the rules of a game in order to cause an injury, he or she may be held liable. Here, it’s important to gather eyewitness testimony that clearly establishes intent on the part of another player to cause bodily harm.

Contact Los Angeles Sports Injury Attorney Howard Craig Kornberg

Before talking to an insurance claims agent, contact sports injury attorney Howard Craig Kornberg today to learn how we can help you. We protect your rights and deal directly with insurance companies so they can’t mislead or intimidate you into dropping your claim or accepting a lower settlement.

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