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Bicycle Accident Attorney Santa Monica

As all cyclists know any cycle ride often brings numerous near-misses with other vehicle drivers who are not paying attention. These could simply be drivers who lack attention at a given point in time or even drivers who behave in an aggressive manner. We at the Law Offices of Howard Kornberg right here in Santa Monica, CA see many personal injuries inflicted on bike accident victims who have been knocked off their cycles by other road users.

Commonly, auto drivers are the main cause of bicycle accidents as they not only fail to keep clear when a cyclist is on the road but both the passenger and the driver often open their doors without looking for passing cyclists and they are then thrown into the path of other vehicles. This is often not a pleasant sight and the injuries inflicted in this sort of bike accident are more often than not catastrophic. Some are so bad that the victim is unable to enjoy the sport they love ever again.

Cyclists can help themselves

Cyclists, of course, can take certain evasive measures to help to avert the possibility of a cycling accident.

These could include any of the following:

  • Make sure you wear high visibility clothing
  • Do not ride at night unless the bike has good lights
  • Do not attempt to pass stationary traffic if it is too dangerous
  • Do not run a red light

It is surprising how many cyclists fail to follow simple rules while out on then road. This goes a long way in helping to prevent a bicycle accident. However, if an accident does happen and the cyclist is injured and the bike accident was not their fault then he or she is can put in a claim for compensation from the person who caused the accident. This is where it is important to contact an experienced bicycle accident attorney such as the Law Offices of Howard Kornberg who know how to fight for a just claim.

What you must do as a victim of an accident is not to listen to any offers that might be presented by the driver at fault’s insurance company. Insurance adjusters are rarely concerned about the hardships that inflict bike accident victims and are only interested in offering a token gesture as compensation. A lawyer is totally different, as their concern is assuring that the victim is fully compensated for all the likely financial consequences of a bicycle accident. This includes an amount to cover medical expenses, loss of earnings during the recovery period and of course, any damage to the bicycle.

Injuries in a bicycle accident

Our cyclists are the most vulnerable of road users and when in collision with a motorist which results in a bike accident often end up with very serious life changing injuries. These may include:

  • Broken bones
  • Back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries

A cut or abrasion is bad enough and could involve several sleepless nights but serious injuries may involve a stay in hospital while undergoing treatment, a period of rehabilitation and physical therapy and then time spent at home fully recovering. All this time will mean a huge loss in income earning potential and will be a considerable burden on the family of the victim of the bicycle accident as well. If the person was a major contributor to the financial wealth of the family then they will be at a loss when trying to handle the drop in income and trying to access cash to pay all the bills let alone unplanned medical expenses and adjustments to the home if the bike accident victim has lost a certain amount of mobility.

It is the legal entitlement of any victim of a bicycle accident to file a claim for damages from the person who caused the cycling accident but many states have time limitations in force which means if the deadline date has been reached all chance is lost of filing any claim at all. The Law Offices of Howard Kornberg know the importance of time limitations and once they have determined the eligibility of a victim will quickly put the whole claim in motion. Their free consultation means that the victim of the cycling accident will lose no money when in the process of being assessed and no fees need to be paid until the claim has come through from the person at fault and their insurance company. They base the whole process on a contingency fee, meaning that the victim pays nothing until the case has been won.

If you, or a family member, has been involved in a cycling accident then you should be taking advantage of our free consultation at the Law Offices of Howard Kornberg to discuss your eligibility to make a bike accident claim. Call us at 800-466-3279 for a free consultation.

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